Gripping Meets Industry 4.0

Smart production processes with SCHUNK components.

As a partner of end customers, system integrators and machine builders, SCHUNK offers the broadest product spectrum with more than 300 mechatronic standard components for robot and handling solutions – products that are designed to communicate in a network, therefore making them Industry 4.0 compatible.
More than 12,000 custom solutions implemented with mechatronic gripping systems impressively emphasize SCHUNK’s pioneering claim in this field. This Industry 4.0 cell demonstrates how a base support with a pinion and a plate are assembled to create a module.
The basis for flexible production automation is provided by networkable and therefore communication-capable components, as well as adaptable, flexibly controllable SCHUNK actuators. Together with intuitive plug & work capable concepts, they offer maximum flexibility for networked production.

Pick & place
assembly stations
Testing and
quality control station
Packing station
Robot assembly stations
Logistics station
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SCHUNK Industry 4.0 cell.
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SCHUNK Industry 4.0 cell
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