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Packing and unpacking of the workpiece holders into and out of plastic boxes is demonstrated in the cell. During the packing process the workpiece holders are removed from the tray by the flexible long-stroke gripper EGA, placed consecutively in the packing box and the box is closed by layers with lids. During unpacking the process takes place in the reverse sequence.

Video: Packing station
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EGA long-stroke gripper

The most flexible long-stroke gripper on the market. Adaptable, robust, compact. Gripping force up to 1,750 N.

4.0 Features

  • Use of all standard servo motors and controllers
  • Freely adjustable gripping force and stroke
  • Easy integration in existing control electronics
  • Two versions with different motor settings for robot or gantry application

Properties and application

  • Direct transfer of the workpiece-specific process data to the higher level ERP system for documentation purposes and monitoring
  • Weight-reduced design for higher dynamics and energy efficiency
  • Use of a suitable motor provided by the customer allows transfer of field bus and safety technology (STO, SLS)