SCHUNK robot accessories make pneumatic components Industry 4.0 compatible

The cell demonstrates the pneumatic assembly and disassembly of different workpieces such as plates and pinions. The SCHUNK quick-change system SWS enables fast, fully automatic and reliable gripper changing for maximum flexibility in handling and assembly.

Video: Pneumatic
robot assembly station

Quick-change system SWS

Fast effector changing on robots and gantries for high flexibility

4.0 Features

  • Fast changing of tools and effectors for maximum flexibility
  • Feed-through of Profinet signals for changing Profinet components
  • Coding of the adapters via connectors for dynamic placing
  • Numerous sizes and options

Properties and application

  • Maximum flexibility in production automation
  • No-Touch Locking™
  • Broad assortment of electric, pneumatic and fluid modules for diverse energy transmission capabilities